How do I log in as an Illinois State Bar Member?

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If you’re a member of the Illinois State Bar, you’re pre-registered.  You can immediately login to Zeekbeek using your Illinois State Bar username and password.

First Time Users:

1. In the upper right corner of our homepage, you’ll see the Register and Login buttons.



2.  Click on the Login button.


3. Next select the ISBA Login Here button.



4. You’ll be asked to enter your ISBA username and your password.





5. If you’re signing into Zeekbeek for the first time, our Profile Wizard will ask you to verify some important information and customize your account settings.

You may notice that some information has already been added; this is the information already contained in the ISBA member directory.




6. Once you’ve made your selections using the Profile Wizard, you’ll be asked to accept our User Agreement.

Click "I Agree."

7. Remember: If you want to change any information you entered in the profile wizard, or add more, you can edit any of the information in your profile at any time!

Please see How do I edit my profile?

Returning Users:

1. Login to your account, as described above.

2.  You won't have to go through the Profile Wizard again.  Once you login, you'll see the member directory search page.



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