How do I search for an attorney in a different state?

Yael Boloker -


You'll see a search bar right on our homepage.  It includes the option to search for attorneys within a specific state.  

Note:  Zeekbeek will automatically display the state from which you're accessing the site.  If you're using your desktop or mobile device within Michigan, for example, that state will appear by default.

1. Click on the state display box. Then delete the state that's currently in the box by clicking on the X.  

2. Next, enter the state in which you'd like to search.  State names will be suggested as you type.  Click on the name of the state you want.


3. On the left side of the search menu you'll see a box that says Type of Lawyer.  In this bar, you can enter a specific area of law such as divorce, will, or estate planning, to narrow your search results.

As you start typing, practice areas will appear below.

You can also click on the Browse box, in order to display a list of areas of law.


Clicking on the area of law that interests you will insert the term into the search box.


4. When you have your search terms entered into the search box, locate the orange Find a Lawyer button. Click on it.  You'll see a list of attorneys in the appropriate state.



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