What are reviews?

Yael Boloker -

Our site allows lawyers to opt in to having reviews from previous clients. Previous clients can describe their experience with a particular lawyer in their own words. All reviews are checked for inappropriate material, such as hate speech and vulgar language. We verify with the lawyer that the person posting the review was an actual client before posting the review.

Note: you can change your mind at any point and opt in or out of the review feature.  However, if a person previously has opted in to reviews, and then opts out, the reviews are still stored in the system -- so if they reactivate the reviews the old reviews will be visible.  To learn more, click here.

Here is an example of a review for a lawyer in New York. Directly below the practice areas listed on her ZeekBeek® business card, it indicates that she has one review.

Once you're logged into your own account, click on Reviews to read the review.



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