What are Products & Services and how do I purchase them?

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1.  Products & Services are additional tools and assistance offered by Zeekbeek. Currently they consist of:


  • Profile Builder 
  • Web Archiver: A screen-capture tool, for preserving your online content. 
  • Law Firm: A tool for managing all lawyer profiles, from a single administrative access point.
  • Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Directory Ad: An ad visible only to other lawyers, to show availability for referral, co-counsel and freelance work, under specific practice areas.


2.  Products & Services can be found via the Actions Menu.  Look at the upper-right corner of your screen.

From this location on your screen, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).

2.  Click the Actions Menu icon.  


You'll notice that the Profile tab is shown by default.


3.  Click the Products tab

You'll see a shopping cart icon labeled "Other Products."  

4.  Click the cart to visit our Products & Services page.


5.  Browse the available options.  



 6. You can select an item to learn more and a detailed description will be displayed.


 7.  To order, click Add to Cart.


8. You can keep shopping or if you're ready to checkout select Proceed to checkout.



9.You'll be taken to your Shopping Cart with a summary of your order at the top.



10.  Below the summary, find and complete the order form. Please note that you will need to log into Zeekbeek in order to complete your purchase.



Be sure to click the Buy Now button to place your order.  After you complete your purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email.

Zeekbeek will be adding more products & services in the future.  

If you have any questions about custom services, please contact us at support@zeekbeek.com.

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