How to post an article, blog, video, or press release.

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1.  To post a publication, first make sure that you're logged in.

2.  Next, select the Actions option located in the upper-right corner of your screen.



3.  From the Actions menu select the Post tab.


4. Then select the type of publication you would like to post. You can submit an article, blog, press release, or video.


5. Choose which media type you're submitting and fill out the options for adding content to your publication. Some fields are required. 

6. We recommend that you add as many tags as possible to gain the most exposure.  Tags function like keywords, and help others find your publications when they search for specific topics.

To add tags, just type in words that help describe your publication.  Type a comma or hit Enter between tags to separate them.  To remove a tag, click the X on the right side of the tag. 


7. Add your content.  In most cases, this will be the body of your publication.

A variety of formatting options for customization.  

The Paste button (the icon with a + sign in a box) allows you to add text that you might have copied from another document.  Several options make it possible to preserve or discard the text formatting.  Click the Paste button to view those options.




8. Add one or more related practice areas. If you start typing in the field, suggested practice areas will appear below. 



If you click on the Or select from list button, you can choose several practice areas from a list of all our practice area options.  A pop-up box will appear.  Click the small + sign next to specific practice areas to expand the categories, or click the - sign to collapse them individually.  


The diagonal arrow buttons at the bottom of the pop-up box can be used to expand or collapse all of the practice area categories at once.   

Once you see the practice areas or practice area specialties that apply to your publication, select them by clicking the box next to them.  Click the Continue button when you're done.   


9. You can add a link to your publication by clicking on the +Add button.  

A pop-up box will appear.  You can then paste the full URL into the field and customize how it's displayed.


Click the OK button when you're done adding the link information.


10. You can add an online video to your publication.  Click on Youtube or Vimeo for examples of where to find the embed links.  Copy and paste the appropriate link into the box.  Once you click Publish, after you're done adding the rest of your publication information, the embed link will be saved and the video will be displayed. 


11. You can also add photos and documents by clicking on +Add Files and selecting from your photo or document files.


12.  When you've finished adding your information to the publication form, select Save Draft or Publish.




If you select Save Draft you'll find your publication on your dashboard.

If you select Publish it will be available for viewing on our publications page.

If you select Close, your publication will be discarded and will not be available for viewing or editing.

(Note:  all fields highlighted in red must be filled out to publish)


Once it's been published, you can still edit and update your publication from your dashboard.  Click on My Publications to show only your publications, rather than all of your recent activity.  


To edit the article, just click on the pencil icon, next to the title, to make changes. 


Your publication form will open and you can modify any section.  As before, follow step 12 again (above) in order to Save or Publish your publication with the changes you just made.  


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