I forgot my password! What can I do?

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Did you forget your username?  Go to the Username Lookup section, at the end of this article, to learn how to retrieve it in two easy steps. 


Go to the Zeekbeek homepage and click on the word Login.


Under "Everyone Else Login Here," enter your user ID in the Username box.  



In the Password box, enter the password that you think it might be.  


Click on the blue Login button.


If you've entered the incorrect password, you'll get the following screen. 



Click on Reset Password.  Or click on Retrieve User if you you don't remember your Username. 

You'll see the following screen:


Enter your Zeekbeek user ID in the Username box.  Then click on the blue Send Reset Link in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

You'll see a message about a confirmation email that will help you complete the process.


Check the email account that you used when you first registered with Zeekbeek.  You'll find an email from support@zeekbeek.com.  Open that email and click on the link inside to reset your password.

Once you've clicked on the link, it will take you to the following page.  This page will let you choose a new password.

Enter your user ID and new password in the appropriate boxes.

Type your password a second time into the Confirm Password box.  This will ensure that you've deliberately chosen a new password, free of any typos or mistakes.  

Click the blue Change Password button. 

Your password will be reset and you'll be logged into your account.  You'll be taken to the Zeekbeek homepage.


Username Lookup 

If you've forgotten your username, you can have it sent to your email address.

Just click here to retrieve your username:  https://www.zeekbeek.com/Login/ctl/RetrieveUsername/mid/2986

The username you selected when you registered (or the one assigned to you by the State Bar of Michigan) will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.


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