SBM's Publication Requirement

Yael Boloker -

The Supreme Court's Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan require that each member have his/her correct name and street/building address on record with the State Bar. Rule 2 states the pertinent part:


Each member, upon admission to the State Bar and in the annual dues statement, must provide the State Bar with the member's correct name and address, and such additional information as may be required. If the address provided is a mailing address only, the member also must provide a street or building address for the member's business or residence.


The information is required to be made public so that State Bar members may be served with pleadings, motions and supporting documents, including service of process.   Under the rule, a post office box by itself is not sufficient.  Members with security concerns may seek a Limited Directory Listing Request with the Bar.  The form seeking a request can be found here:


Any questions regarding Rule 2 and its requirements may be addressed to the State Bar’s General Counsel, Cliff Flood.  His e-mail address is and his telephone number is 517.346.6383.

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