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Reviews on Zeekbeek® – summary: 

  • Each lawyer decides whether to enable the client review feature on the Zeekbeek® site.   The client review feature is preset to NOT enable client reviews. If the lawyer wants to enable client reviews, the lawyer needs to switch the client review feature to “Yes.”


Note: there is also a separate client endorsement feature on the site. This allows clients to endorse lawyers across 7 positive areas (6 attributes and 1 overall recommendation). This feature is also preset to NOT enable client endorsements.

  • The lawyer can turn the client review feature off at any time. If the lawyer turns the feature off, any reviews that have been posted will be hidden (and, of course, no further client reviews can be posted). However if the lawyer subsequently turns the review feature back on, then any previously posted reviews will become visible again.


  • Only reviews from present or former clients are accepted. Reviews from peers are not accepted unless the peer is also a present or former client of the reviewed lawyer.


  • We do not verify the contents of any review. We do read all reviews prior to posting, and in the unlikely event that our site administrator believes the review contains offensive language, the site administrator will notify the reviewer that the review won't be accepted for that reason. The reviewer will be given an opportunity to revise the review to remove the offensive material.


  • A lawyer can respond to a posted client review. A lawyer can only respond to a posted review once, and the client cannot respond to the lawyer’s response. We understand this is a sensitive matter, but these limitations are intended to strike a reasonable balance between furnishing relevant information to future clients on the one hand, and avoiding the encouragement of controversy on the other, and we seek your understanding in this regard.


  • Only a person who has registered on our site as a member and who is a client of the lawyer can post a review. Before a review is posted, we will attempt to verify with the lawyer that the person seeking to post the review is an actual client, but we do not let the lawyer see the content of the review prior to posting. Client verification is performed by sending an email to the lawyer.


  • If the lawyer responds that the person posting the review is or was a client, the review will be posted.


  • If the lawyer responds that the person posting the review is not a client, the review will not be posted, but we will offer the reviewer the opportunity to submit reasonable proof that he or she was a client. If the reviewer submits reasonable proof, we will send it to the lawyer.  If the lawyer establishes that the reviewer is not or was not a client, the review will not be posted and the reviewer will be so informed. If the lawyer fails to respond to the proof submission within 7 days, we reserve the right to post the review.


  • If the lawyer does not respond to the verification request within 7 days, we will inform the reviewer accordingly and will not post the review. If requested, we will contact the lawyer for verification a second time.  We will follow the same process as above.  If the lawyer once again fails to respond within 7 days, we reserve the right to post the review.


  • We will address on a case-by-case basis any situation where the lawyer contests the fact that the reviewer is a client, despite the proof submitted, which may include conferring with the State Bar of Michigan.


  • This is a summary only of the Zeekbeek® Review Policy. For the complete policy statement please click here. 


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