How do I add a Zeekbeek friend?

Agent 1- Kamie -

To add a friend you will need to be logged into your profile. Then to find the lawyer you would like to friend you can search for them by name from our homepage by selecting the Lawyer Name option. 



Type in the name of the attorney you're looking for and click on the Search button.

The attorney's business card will show in your search results.



Click on the attorney's name to view their detailed profile.  



At the top of their profile, you will see a row of tabs:  Profile, Reviews, Blog, Publications and Friends.  

Below that, just under the Activity/Status bar, you'll see the +Add Friend option. Click on it.    


You've just sent that person a request to be friends with you on Zeekbeek. You'll see confirmation of that on your screen, including an option to Cancel Request, in case you made a mistake.

The lawyer will also get a notification that you've requested to be friends.

They'll need to accept your friend request.  

When they do, their picture will appear under your own Friends tab (and your picture will appear under theirs).  The option for removing them will become available under their name.

An account holder's friends can be always be found by clicking the Friends tab on each profile. 


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