How do I contact a lawyer?

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Once you've created a Consumer account and you're logged in, you have several options for contacting one or more lawyers.

Note:  to identify a lawyer you're interested in contacting, use our Search options described in "How to find a lawyer on Zeekbeek?"

Contact One Lawyer

1.  You can contact up to 10 lawyers at one time. Click on the "Contact" button within the lawyer's business card.

2.  A message box will pop up.  Complete the form.  Then click Submit.

Note:  Please do not send confidential or sensitive information. Zeekbeek reminds you that no website, including this one, can guaranteeŠ that the information you submit will be privileged or stay confidential. Also, be aware that no attorney-client relationship is created by your e-mail. The lawyer you are e-mailing is not your lawyer until he or she formally agrees to be your lawyer and can refuse to represent you for any reason.


Contact Multiple Lawyers

1.  Click the "Contact Multiple" button within the business card for each lawyer you want to reach.

2.  On the left side of your screen, you'll see the Contact Members button change.  It will reflect the number of lawyers selected, as you choose lawyers to contact. 

3.  Once you've selected all the relevant lawyers, click Contact Members (the total number of lawyers will be mentioned in parentheses).

4.  A message box will pop up.  You'll see the names of the lawyers you're about to contact.  Complete the form.  Then click the Submit button.

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