Help! I'm an SBM member - how do I update my email address on Zeekbeek®?

Agent 1- Kamie -


Your email address (and also information such as name, address and main phone number) can only be changed on the SBM site because of the SBM's publication requirement. SBM members can access their profile on the SBM site by going to

1. Click on Member Area at the top center part of the screen.



2. Enter your Pnumber and password and click Log In. There's also an option on this page to recover your login info if you've forgotten your password.



3. To edit your main address, password, email address or user name, use the menu options on the right side of the SBM Member Area screen, under the heading My Profile.

Note: Most changes will appear on your Zeekbeek profile instantly, but can take up to 24 hours.

If you experience any issues with updating your information, please contact the Zeekbeek support staff.



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