Web Archiver: Step by Step Setup Instructions

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These instructions will guide you through the setup process, once you’ve purchased the Web Archiver product (available from our Products & Services page

Be sure that you’re logged in.  


1. Look at the upper-right corner of your screen.


From this location, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).  

2.  Click on the Actions Menu icon.  You’ll see a number of options, under various tabs.  By default, your Profile options will be shown.  Click on the far right tab:  Products.




The tab will open, and one option will be Web Archiver.  Click on it.

3. Your Web Archiver screen will display. (Note: The first images are taken overnight after your initial purchase. If you do not see images, they may have not been taken yet.  Check back in a day.)



4. You can narrow your results by selecting the dates you’d like displayed and the number of images you’d like to show on the page.



5. At first, you may see all of your screen captures on a single page.  As time goes on, and your archive expands, you can find certain images from your Zeekbeek activity, without browsing each page.  

Just use the search bar to search for specific screen captures using keywords. (Note: Keyword searches work only for Zeekbeek pages, not external links.)  


5.  You can also view your screen captures by category.  Look at the category display options under the Search bar.

Detailed view:


The Show All option displays all screen captures taken.


The Publication, Profile, Jobs, and FAQ options will display only those screen captures. A screen capture is taken when:

  • your profile is altered in any way
  • a publication, job posting, or FAQ is created or altered
  • if you purchase Zeekbeek products or services (categories will appear with corresponding screen captures


6. To download all screen captures within the date range you have selected. Click on Action and select Download.

7. You can also download screen captures one at a time.  At the bottom of each one, you’ll see the options Download, Raw Image, and Delete.

Clicking on Download will download that individual image. Some screens are long so the images can be difficult to read. Raw Image will open the full size image in a new tab so it can be viewed easily. Delete will delete that image.



Coming soon:  External URLs add-on option - for screen captures of external sites



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