How do I use the Bulletin Board?

Agent 3-Vince -

The Bulletin Board is a convenient place to highlight your current interests and activities. 



1.  To use the Bulletin Board, first make sure that you're logged in.

2.  Next, look at the the upper-right corner of your screen.



From this location on your screen, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).


3.  Click the Actions Menu icon.  You'll see two sections in the menu:  Profile and Law Students.

The Profile section will be shown, by default.

The Bulletin Board is located in the Law Students section.  Access it by clicking the Law Students tab.



4.  Within the Law Students section, the Bulletin Board option will appear.  Click on it.




5.  You'll see an overview of your Bulletin Board page.  Your bulletins will appear here.


3.  You're allowed up to 5 Bulletins at any one time.  As you post each one, you'll see the remaining number of allotted bulletins displayed on the +Add button.



When you click the +Add Bulletin button, a form will appear.  You can enter the text of your bulletin here.




If you click the Images tab, a section will appear for adding photos or illustrations.  


You can use the Browse button to find the image you want to upload, or you can directly drag-&-drop the picture from another window or directory.



(Click the Browse button to open a system folder.  Then you can navigate through your folders to find the image(s) you want.  Make your selection, then click the Open button.

If you have a folder already open, or if your image is in a convenient location, you can drag and drop it directly into the Images window.)



To delete a bulletin, click the X in the right corner.


A pop-up window will appear, asking if you intend to delete your bulletin. 


If you click OK, a confirmation message ("Bulletin deleted successfully") will appear on the main screen.

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