How can I find my classmates?

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The law student directory is set up to help you network with fellow students in your classes or shared activities like student journals, groups and competitions. 


1.  To find classmates in the law student directory, first make sure that you're logged in.

2.  Next, look at the the upper-right corner of your screen.



From this location on your screen, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).


3.  Click the Actions Menu icon.  You'll see two sections in the menu:  Profile and Law Students.

The Profile section will be shown, by default.

The Law Student Directory is located in the Law Students section.  Access it by clicking the Law Students tab.



4.  Within the Law Students section, the View Directory option will appear.  Click on it.





You'll be taken to the Law Student Directory. 



By default, you'll see all the law students within your own geographic area, usually your state.

You can view and sort this list in different arrangements, simply by clicking on the criteria.



If you want your search to be more detailed, you can add and remove search terms. For example:

  • Search by law school
  • Search by club, journal, competition or activity
  • Search for students taking a certain class


Law school - located right at the top of the page.  Type in the school's name or click the Browse/list button to see a list of schools.




Club, Journal, Competition or Activity - use the + More button  (just below the orange seek button) first to see if it's pre-loaded in the drop down menu.


TIP: You can always use the general Keyword search (explained below) to find students in shared activities, but the  + More button leads to more powerful search tools that will give you results more quickly.  


Note: We're always interested in adding to the drop-down menus in the +More section, so if you want to add your school journal, club or organization, please email us at!




Students taking a certain class (or anything else not covered in the + More section) - use the general Keyword search.


For example, to find law students who are taking a certain class, enter the name of the class as the Keyword, and click the +Add button.


Search tools


Here's a closer look at the search tools, which include the Keyword field and YES/NO toggle switches.




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