What is the Law Student Directory?

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Zeekbeek is an online legal marketplace where consumers can find lawyers, and lawyers can connect with each other.

The law student directory lets you participate in the Zeekbeek legal marketplace while you are still in law school.  

The law student directory is FREE and lets you:

  • Create a detailed profile searchable by lawyers, legal professionals and other law students.  
  • Highlight your work objectives, including practice areas of interest.
  • Upload a photo and resume.
  • Post articles, promote events and link to social media.
  • Connect with other law students.  
  • Create or join public or private groups.
  • Start building your professional network while you are still in law school.

Zeekbeek is partnered with the Ohio State Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan, and we're also collaborating with other state bar associations across the country. Through our partnerships, we host profiles for over 60,000+ Michigan and Ohio lawyers on our site. 

The law student directory was developed in collaboration with MSU College of Law.


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