Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Network: Search instructions

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The Lawyer2Lawyer (or L2L) search function allows you to find lawyers for referrals, freelance & co-counsel work, consultation or hiring.


Be sure that you're logged in.

1. Look at the upper-right corner of your screen.


From this location, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).  

2.  Click on the Navigation Menu icon.   A list of options will open on the right side of your screen.


3.  Select Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Network from the navigation menu.


You’ll see a listing of lawyers who are accepting work from other lawyers.



4.  You can use the Search box, located at the left side of the page, to narrow your results.  The example above shows lawyers who practice in a specific certain county.  Fill out the search fields to find the desired type of lawyer.



5.  The first two sections,
Practice Area and Niche Practice Area, can be completed by two methods.  One is by directly entering text, in case you know exactly what you’re looking for.  


The second method is by browsing a list of options.  Click the button to the right of each section to make a pop-up box appear. 




The pop-up boxes (both Practice Area and Niche Practice Area) will contain a variety of choices.  Choose the areas you're interested in by clicking one or more grey boxes.




6.  You can also search by County, either by entering text or choosing from a list.  The list of counties within the state you're searching will appear in a pop-up window if you click the browse/list button.

7.  You can also focus on lawyers who've practiced in a specific Federal Court.  A few examples from the list in the pop-up box are shown below.

8.  Other terms, such as a Jurisdiction, can be included within your search.  Once you've typed it in, click the +Add button.


9.  The Question Wizard is an additional method for finding lawyers that match your situation or requirements.  You can search through various questions and answers.  To do so, click the blue Search Wizard button.

A pop-up box will appear.  You'll see a number of questions.  By clicking on the YES/NO toggle switches, you can include (or exclude) certain types of situations in your search.

Complete as many or as few questions as you wish.  The ones that you select for inclusion in your search will be highlighted in blue, as shown below.

10.  Once you've chosen the questions for your search, click the blue Search button.  If you wish to skip this section, click the Close button.

You will now see results that match the terms of your search.

Contacting Lawyers who appear in your Search Results

1.  Two options will appear at the top right of each profile.  Click Send Message in order to communicate with this lawyer.


A pop-up box will appear.  Complete the Subject and Content sections.  Then click the blue Submit button to send your message.


2.  You can also view their specific answers to all the questions.  Click Referral Info on their profile.


A pop-up box will appear, displaying their answers.


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