How to Purchase a Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Ad

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The Ohio State Bar Association & the State Bar of Michigan have teamed up with Zeekbeek to develop a powerful advertising resource for attorneys: a Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Network.  Referrals from other attorneys are an opportunity to grow your business.  Let your colleagues know about your availability for referral, freelance, and co-counsel work.


Be sure that you're logged into your Zeekbeek account.


1. Look at the upper-right corner of your screen.

From this location, you’ll see the Actions Menu icon (which includes an arrow) and the Navigation Menu icon (3 horizontal lines).  

2.  Click on the Actions Menu icon.  You’ll see a number of options, under various tabs.  By default, your Profile options will be shown.  Click on the far right tab:  Products


The tab will open, and will display the option,
 Other Products.  Click on it.  



You’ll be taken to the Products & Services page.


3. Select the Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Network from the Products & Services menu by clicking Buy Now.

4. You’ll see the main Lawyer2Lawyer product page.  On this page, you’ll see product descriptions as well as the option to purchase one or more Basic or Premium Practice Area Ad(s). To order one of the packages select Basic or Premium, your preferred number of practice areas, and select Add to Cart.

*If you are managing a Law Firm account you can purchase ads for as many members of your firm members as you need by entering the amount in the "How many lawyers are you purchasing this product for?" section. 



5. Next select Proceed to Checkout.  


6. You'll be taken to your Shopping Cart. Here you can verify your products and enter your payment information to complete your purchase.


Be sure to click the Buy Now button to place your order.  

7. Your order is now complete! An order confirmation will appear on your screen.  You’ll also receive a confirmation via email.


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