I've put links in my profile, but they're not clickable. What can I do?

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You might have tried adding website links to your biography section, or other parts of your profile.  But when you've gone to look at your profile, they're not "clickable."  

Zeekbeek is designed to help consumers find your website links in the most direct way possible, so we've created some specific ways to accomplish that.

We have a place set aside for all of your links.  These are displayed as close as possible to your basic information.

The social links are displayed first, directly under your profile picture.  

They are (in order of appearance):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Vine
  • Google+
  • Blog (your choice of platform/site)
  • Skype
  • Instagram

Whether you add just a couple of social media links or many, the icons--recognizable to most online consumers--provide a quick way of finding and accessing your links.



Below the social media links, there are two more clickable options:

  • your email address (opens the consumer's preferred email program)

  • your main website


Just as with the other sections of your profile. these areas can be edited from your Edit Profile screen.  Just copy the website address from the appropriate page and paste it into the corresponding section.



Similarly, your email address can be added by editing your General information section.


And your main/business website can be edited within the Business Contact Information section.


For an overview of how to access your Edit Profile page, please see this article.

For specific instructions for editing your Social Media links, please see this article.


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