How do I find and use the menu options?

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There are two main menus that allow you to move throughout Zeekbeek and to use its functions.

One of them is the Actions Menu and the other is the Navigation Menu.



The Actions Menu is the primary way to make changes to your public profile, modify services and subscriptions, check for messages and other activity directly relevant to you, and post publications.


The Actions Menu appears in the upper right corner after a user logs in. Click the word "Actions" to open it.

From the Actions Menu, you can access the Profile tab, Post tab, and the Products tab.






By clicking on the Profile tab in the Actions menu, you can manage the following:

  • Dashboard 
  • View Profile
  • Edit Profile 
  • Appointments
  • Message Center



By clicking on the Post tab in the Actions menu, you can add:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Videos



By clicking on the Products tab in the Actions menu, you can access the Products & Services Page. 

Other Tabs (management of purchased products)
When a lawyer purchases a Lawyer2Lawyer Referral Directory ad or ads, a new tab will appear in their Actions menu. From this tab, he/she can edit or view their ad(s), and access the L2L Directory.

The Navigation Menu is meant for visiting different areas of the site.  In addition to our lawyer directory, other directories can be accessed from here.  Also, you can view our  publications areas and add your own content, if you wish.

To access the Navigation Menu, click the button with the 3 horizontal lines.



Clicking on the Navigation button opens a sidebar menu that allows you to easily navigate to additional areas on Zeekbeek. 


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