How do I opt-in or opt-out of contact with consumers?

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By default, your Zeekbeek profile will be set to disable contact with consumers.

However, once you log in to your profile for the first time, the Profile Wizard will allow you to change consumer contact, among other options.



You can configure these options during your first login, or you can modify them later.

If you don't remember what options you chose, or if you want to change them, you view them from the Edit Profile mode.


1. First, locate the Actions menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and click on it.



2. When the drop-down menu appears, click on Edit Profile.





Your profile page will appear, with options for adding and removing information.  


3.  Click on the General category on the left side of the screen. When the menu expands select Account Settings.  



The "Account Settings" box (displayed simply as a "Settings" box) will automatically appear with a button that allows editing.



4.  Click on the Edit button.


5. "Accept Consumer Contact" will be one of several settings you can adjust.  You can toggle it on or off using the Yes/No slider.  A blue YES box means that you're allowing contact.  A gray NO box means that you're not allowing contact.


​(In this example, contact from the consumer is being allowed.)


6.  Once you're satisfied with your choice, click the Save button.


You can repeat these steps at any time to opt-in or opt-out of consumer contact.


To the public, an attorney account that's accepting consumer contact would look like this, within detailed search results.



An account that's not accepting consumer contact would look like this (notice that there's no contact option).



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