How do I add and manage publications for my Law Firm?

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 1. First from your Actions menu located in the upper right corner of your screen select Manage Your Firm



2.  Next on the Settings tab you will see an option to allow publications to be visible on your law firm. Select Yes to make them visible to the public. 


3. Next select the Publications Manager tab.


4. There are two options for adding publications to your firm. You can add a new publication and associate it with a member of your firm. Also, if a member of your firm has already added publications to their profile you can associate those with your firm.  


5. To add a new publication select Submit A Publication



6.  Now that you are on the Submit a Publication page you can select the author and add content. Your firm name will be pre-populated in the author field. To select a different author from your firm choose Select from a list



7. After selecting an author and adding your desired content. At the bottom of the page you have the option to Publish or Save Draft.


8. The publication will now be listed in your publications manager tab. Here you have the option to Edit and manage the Association of publications to your firm.


9. To associate a firm members existing publications click on Members and select the member of you firm who's publications you would like to add.


10. Next select Load Publications and you will see all of that members publications listed below.


11. To associate a publication with your firm click on No in the Associated column.  


12. Then select Ok on the confirmation window and your firm member's publication will now be visible on your firm profile.

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