How do I add members to my Law Firm?

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1. To add members to your Law Firm select Manage Your Law Firm from the actions menu in the upper right corner of your screen.




2. Then select the Manage Members tab.



3. Next choose which type of member you would like to add.


4. Then choose the region they are located in.


5. Enter your members name in the Search for a Member field. When you see the members you are looking for click on their name.


6. After you selected your member click on +Add Member.



7. After adding a member you will need to send them an invitation to join your firm. You will see a pending status and the option to send and invite. Select Send and the member will receive an email invitation. 



8. The member will receive an invitation to join your firm with the option to accept or decline.



9. After selecting I Accept they will receive a confirmation message.



10. When your member has accepted their invitation their status will change to Active in the Member Manager. You can now edit your members profile by selecting Action and then Edit Member Profile


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